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Hearing Aids in the News

11.26.2013   Don't shout! We're deaf enough already!
11.11.2013   A Different Kind of Hearing Aid
11.06.2013   FDA Reports that Hearing Loss Signals Need to Diagnosis
09.02.2013   Fruit Fly is Ideal Model to Study Hearing Loss in People
07.22.2013   The History of Hearing Aids
07.01.2013   Audiological Devices Expected to Reach 8.6 Billion Globally in 2018
06.18.2013   Hearing Loss Associated with More Hospitalizations...
06.11.2013   Resources for Coping with Hearing Loss
05.28.2013   Tuning Men into the Upside of Hearing Aids...
04.15.2013   The Links Between Hearing Loss and Dementia
03.13.2013   Mothers Push Georgia Lawmakers for Hearing-Aid Coverage
03.07.2013   Can Earbud's Lead to Hearing Loss?
01.22.2013   What Can Hearing Loss Tell Us About Hearing Disease?
11.26.2012   Harnessing Energy From the Body to Run Devices
10.16.2012   Deaf Teen Hears Again After Year In Silence
10.08.2012   The Battle to Build (& Sell) Hearing Aid Alternatives
08.25.2012   A Deaf Man Hears Music & Can't Stop Listening
08.07.2012   Boomers Benefit from Hearing Aids as They Stay in Workforce Longer
07.19.2012   No Reason To Delay Getting Hearing Aids
07.09.2012   Using Teeth To Help Restore Hearing In One Ear
05.04.2012   Improve Your Listening Skills With Hearing Aids
04.05.2012   Why Won't They Get Hearing Aids?
03.06.2012   NCOA Study: Hearing Aids Improve Overall Well-Being
12.15.2011   How the iPod & Other Audio Devices Are Destroying Your Ears
11.28.2011   Hearing Loss More Prevalent Than Thought
11.15.2011   WebMD: 1 in 5 Americans Have Hearing Loss
09.28.2011   U.S. Hearing-Aid Market...$8 Billion in Annual Sales by 2018
08.17.2011   Preventing Hearing Loss
08.10.2011   NBC "Today" Show Presents Tutorial On Hearing Aids
06.29.2011   Hearing Aids & the New York Police Department
05.24.2011   Stress Testing Metal Detectors and Other Devices
05.07.2011   Sounds Like Teen Spirit
03.08.2011   Vital Signs: Aging: Hearing Loss Is Common but Often Ignored
02.16.2011   Hearing Aid Comparisons: Get the Right Features

Bilateral Hearing Loss: Two Hearing Aids Are Better Than One

10.18.2010   Cool Hearing Aids: How Technology Has Transformed Hearing
08.02.2010   Hearing Loss Treatment: The Sooner the Better
05.02.2010   The Sounds Are Sweeter with Digital Hearing Aids...
03.01.2010   Want a Better Listener? Protect Those Ears
01.28.2010   Hearing Aids - Not Just for "Older People!"
01.04.2009   Enjoy the New Decade...with New Hearing Aids 
11.03.2009   How's Your Hearing?
10.19.2009   Hear, Hear, New Aids Alter Lives
09.29.2009   Many Unaware of Their Hearing Loss
08.26.2009   Hearing Aids Improve Love Life
08.05.2009   Think Twice Before Choosing Not to Buy
06.05.2009   Don't be Bashful: Hearing Aids Can Improve Your Life
06.02.2009   Technology Helps Solve Hearing Loss
05.17.2009   Devices Give New Life...
04.27.2009   Monitor Your Hearing
The Hearing Aid Tax Credit: Yes You SHOULD Care
Minor league prospect hears call of the bigs...
These aren't your Granddad's
Hearing Aids a Sound Decision
NJ Hearing Aid Law Signed...
12.08.2008   What to Do After a Diagnosis
People with Diabete Urged to Have Their Hearing Checked...
10.28.2008   The Next Generation in Hearing Aids
10.21.2008   Hearing Aids Get Stylish
Hear Your Best and Look Great At the Same Time
09.03.2008   Relearning How to Hear
08.18.2008   New Hearing Aid Technology Passes the Restaurant Noise Test
08.14.2008   Boomers Ready to Age in Style
08.11.2008   Colourful Hearing Aids Help Build Confidence In Young Children
08.10.2008   Fashionable Hearing Aids Offered
08.04.2008   Hearing Aids Are Cool Now...
07.26.2008   Redskins' Rookie Confronts Loss of Hearing
06.22.2008   No Need to Suffer with Hearing Loss; Hearing Aids Work
06.17.2008   Ear-relevant: Hearing Aids Pack More Technology
06.03.2008   Hearing Loss Can Be Denied, But...

Turning Up the Volume: New Hearing Aids May Appeal to More Users 

05.08.2008   Digital Hearing Aids Can Significantly Improve Your Quality of Life
05.06.2008   Possible Financial Help for Hearing Aids?
04.14.2008   Boomers Eye Trendy Hearing Aids
10.24.2007   Amazing Hearing Aids Work with MP3 Players and Phones

The Sleek, Chic, High-Tech...Hearing Aid


The Day the Music Died